Saturday, December 15, 2007

3 to 4-Mar-2007 Mahabaleshwar

In the office, some of the colleagues just thought that we should visit Mahabaleshwar once. Hence we started convincing each others to join. Finally Prashant, Ram, and myself were ready. We made the bookings online with MTDC.

8:00 AM To Prashant’s house
Prashant and Ram took their cars. I had booked the bus tickets. However, both of them convinced me to come in their cars.

I reached Prashant's house by 8:00 AM. Ram was waiting for us at a joint immediately after Katraj pass. After eating some vada pavs, we started for Mahabaleshwar.

11:00 AM Reached Mahabaleshwar
We reached Mahabaleshwar very quickly as both Prashant and Ram are good drivers. We checked into the MTDC cottage.

3:00 PM Elephant Head point
After having lunch, we started for various points. We visited to Elephant Head point, Arthur Seat Point. However some of us did not enjoy the places.

5:00 PM Temple in Old Mahabaleshwar
Then we visited the temples in Old Mahabaleshwar. Everyone of us liked the temples.

8:00 AM Bought strawberries from the field
Early morning, we went in a strawberry field and bought a lot of strawberry.

12:00 PM Started for Pune
We wanted to visit the famous boarding schools in Panchgani. We enquired into 3-4 schools. However, they did not inspire us at all. Morever the expenses were too high. We were wondering if these were the schools for which people from far off places come here?

We reached Pune in the evening.

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