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1-Jan-2007 Shinde Chatri, Wanawadi, Pune

We usually do not know much about Mahadaji Shinde, except that he was a great general and the ancestor of Scindias from Gwalior. Not many of us know that his samadhi is in Wanwadi near Pune. Once we decided to visit the place.

Mahadaji's greatness cannot be gauged in today's context. He was the power of Marathas during the last years. He along with Nana Phadanvis made sure that the Marathas were respected during their years. Mahadaji provided the strength and Nana provided the diplomacy. Both of them were loyal to the Peshwas and in turn to the throne of Satara.

Mahadaji's ancestors were appointed as sardars of Peshwas. They were posted in Gwalior to handle interests in the north. As per the prevailing policy, they were given large land within direct control of the Peshwas so that they could not break free at their will. Shindes had land in Wanwadi near Pune and near Vardha in Maharashtra.

1:00 PM Started from house
We started from house by an auto and directly went to Wanwadi. We can get buses from Swargate to Wanwadi or Salunke Vihar. By our own vehicle, from Swargate, we travel on Solapur Road. After AFMC, we take a right turn to reach Wanwadi.

2:30 PM Reached Shinde Chatri in Wanawadi
Chatri is actually a temple of Shiva. The main temple must have been built nearly 200 years back. It has beautiful stone carvings. The sanctum is very simple and clean. It reminded me of the Rama temple in Domagaon near Paranda.

The mandap of the temple was built nearly 100 years ago. It has photographs/drawings of all the generations of Scindia lineage right upto Madhavrao Scindia. It has beautiful glass work. The upper portion of the mandap is closed for public.

From Trips - Shinde Chatri Jan 07

From Trips - Shinde Chatri Jan 07

From Trips - Shinde Chatri Jan 07

It is learnt that the temple trust receives funds from the Scindia family. The family members still visit the temple.

Just outside the temple, there is a samadhi of Mahadaji Shinde. After learning his actions, I rever him more. He was a statesman.

3:00 PM Started back to home
After spending nearly an hour in the temple, we headed back by an auto rickshaw.

There are many very beautiful temples. However, we usually do not have knowledge. There is no information available.

History associated with the important places is not displayed properly to the tourists. Most of the time, it is left to the individuals maintaining the important place.

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