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14-Mar-2009 Someshwar temple, Pashan, Pune

Pune has very beautiful temples lost in the concrete jungle. These days one has to find these architectural gems. Not much is known to the general public about these temples. History is slowly being forgotten.

One such temple is near Pashan village in Pune. It is a Shiva temple known as Someshwar temple. It is situated on the banks of a stream. The original construction must have been nearly 250 to 300 years old. This area was surrounded by fields and hills. Now the urbanization is catching up. Tall buildings are slowly coming near the temple.

Location and getting there
To reach the temple, one way is to come via Baner road. From University circle, take Baner road. There is a left turn immediately after NAL and agricultural farms. This road eventually goes to Pashan village. Take this turn. The road turns right. Travel straight for another kilometer or so. We reach in front of the temple.

The temple has a very nice surrounding. Area in front of the temple takes one back by a few decades in time. It is very calm and serene. It is said that the temple was visited by Shahu - the grandson of Shivaji.

The entire temple complex is shabbily renovated. Cement plaster is applied over original stone structures. This takes out some of the glory. The temple has a garden associated with it. This enhances the beauty of the area.

As we enter the temple complex through the old doorway, we can see the entire temple complex. The temple complex is situated on the banks of a stream. There is a ghat on this stream. The ghat lies on the back side of the temple.

There are three temples with the back towards the entrance. One is Ganapati and another one is Bhairoba. And the third is a Hanuman temple in the middle and behind the light tower.

Between the Hanuman temple and the main sanctum, there are two mandaps. Each with a different Nandi. The two mandaps are constructed differently. I wonder what was the need to construct two mandaps and that too of different sizes?

The main sanctum is below the ground. It houses Shiva idol.

From Trips - Someshwar Temple Pune Mar 09

Two sides of the complex have constructed rooms. Families stay there. The eyesore is a water tank constructed without regards towards harmony of the entire structure.

On the back side of the main sanctum, one Shiva idol and one Nandi idol are kept. Behind the sanctum is the ghat. This ghat is constructed beautifully. Half of the stream is channelized to a water tank. The nearby households use this tank to wash cloths. 

On the opposite bank of the ghat is a small abandoned temple. It is in the ruins. I wonder how one can enter the temple as there are no stairs.

There is a garden maintained beside the temple. The area has a lot of big trees. It makes a very good  place to spend a few hours and get back your peace of mind in the midst of the city.

We must appreciate and respect the beautiful heritage around us.


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