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17 to 18-Jan-2009 Suvarnadurg Fort

Suvarnadurg is one of the most important sea forts built during Shivaj Maharaj's era. Shivaji Maharaj laid emphasis on building strong forts. This was one of the pillars of swarajya. Suvarnadurg, along with Sindhudurg, Vijaydurg, and some others searve the testimony of this strategy. The rising dominance of the foreigners through sea was rightly recongnized. Building strong sea forts and army was the answer to the prevailing situation.

This is the place where Kanhoji Angre spent his earlier part of life.


11:30 PM Departure from Pune via Dapoli
We took a vehicle from Pune. The vehicle started very late due to some problem with the vendor. In the night, the vehicle stopped for a halt in Dapoli.

5:30 AM Reached Harne beach
At last, we reached Harne beach. One accomodation was booked on the beach for the entire night. However we could reach in the morning. We tried to have some sleep. Some of us managed to sleep for an hour or so.

8:30 AM Started from Harne
After having our breakfast, we started to Suvarnadurg by a motor boat. The Harne beach is very dirty. If someone come to this place for beaches, they will be disappointed.

10:00 AM Suvarnadurg fort after seeing some dolphins
These boats offer to show the fort along with dolphin sightings. This is a good attraction in Harne. The boat went well inside the sea in search of dolphins. The boatmen have now become experts in knowing when and how to sight the dolphins. At last we could see the creatures. We were told that dolphins are never captured by the fishermen. Even if they are cought in the net, they are released back in the water. I am not sure about the reason. Surely some economics must be behind this. Only mercy will not be the reason.

Finally the boat took is to the fort. Sindhudurg is nearly a kilimeter inside the sea. It has very well built fortifications. Not much has survived inside the fort.

From Trips - Suvarnadurg Jan 09

From Trips - Suvarnadurg Jan 09

From Trips - Suvarnadurg Jan 09

From Trips - Suvarnadurg Jan 09

From Trips - Suvarnadurg Jan 09

Giridarshan had another agenda in this visit. Some of the team members were involved in doing some cleanup activities inside the fort. They cut the trees growing out of the strong ramparts. After seeing the mighty fort, we left by the boat to Harne harbour.

12:30 AM Kanakdurg
The harbour is at the base of a hillock. This hillock has a lighthouse on top of it. There is nothing to indicate that it can be a fort. Only a small section of the hillock has a constructed wall.

1:00 AM Skipped Fattedurg
Fattedurg fort is also an hillock. It has been occupied by residents for every square meter. There is no sign as of now to indicate that this might be a fort sometime. We skipped this fort anyway.

1:00 PM Goagad
The third fort was Goagad. Amongst the three, this is in far better shape. It is also closest to Sindhudurg. However, this fort has been sold to a private party! A new construction has blocked the majestic main entrance fo the fort. There is a small temple in the main entrance.

From Trips - Suvarnadurg Jan 09 Main entrance of Goagad

A makeshift entrance has a security guard. One has to sign in the register to enter the fort.

There is nothing much inside the fort. The ramparts are also collapsed in a couple of places.

2:00 PM Lunch
We had our lunch in Harne village.

3:00 PM Started for Pune
Immediately after our lunch, we started for Pune.

9:30 PM Back to Pune via Tamhini ghat
We reached back to Pune via Tamhini ghat.

Except Suvarnadurg, there was nothing much to see. However, Suvarnadurg is worth visiting.

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