Saturday, December 20, 2008

14-Dec-2008 Shivaneri Fort

Shivaneri is the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj. It has a special place in the history.

From Pune, one has to go to Junnar. Shivaneri fort is just outside the town.

6:00 AM Shivaji Nagar bus stand
We met at the Shivaji Nagar bus stand at 6:00 AM. We did not board the bus to Junnar. It did not have place for our group.

8:00 AM Started from Pune
Finally we boarded a bus to Rajguru Nagar. There we had breakfast near bus stand.

10:30 AM Reached Junnar
After breakfast, we took another bus to Junnar.

11:00 AM Started climbing the fort
From the bus stand, we took one vehicle which dropped us at the base of the fort. We started to climb the fort. This fort is relatively small. It has gardens created at many places. There are trees planted.

From Trips - Shivaneri fort Dec 08

From Trips - Shivaneri fort Dec 08

11:30 AM Temple
We first went to a temple.

12:00 PM Caves
Just behind the temple, there are few caves. These served as stupas in the earlier times. There is one chaitya and several viharas.

After the caves, we went to the other side of the fort. This is the place where Shivaji Maharaj was born. Now a building stands at the place.

From Trips - Shivaneri fort Dec 08 Stupa on Shivaneri fort

We had our lunch.

After lunch, we roamed the other parts of the fort. There are tanks which are covered and interconnected.

4:00 PM Started descending the fort
Finally we started to descend the fort. We could reach Rajguru Nagar fairly quickly. However, getting a conveyance from there to Pune was really difficult. This was Sunday evening. All buses were full.

10:00 PM Back to Pune
Finally, we entered one bus. We covered most of the journey standing between the seats. This bus failed near Bhosari. We took another bus after much difficulty. Finally we reached Pune by 10:00 PM.

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